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Lube Equipment / Lube Accessories


Sage Oil Vac offers a variety of mobile lube equipment products to better economically manage new and used oil on any jobsite. Our patented systems use a pump-free design to dispense and drain oil using vacuum technology. Added Sage accessories, can increase user efficiency and reduce contaminates.

Barrel Straw


Vacuuming fluids into a tank could not be easier with the help of a barrel straw. This product is a Sage Oil Vac exclusive design and eliminates the need for transfer pumps during bulk oil storage or drum storage. Attach the barrel straw to the fresh fluid tank and insert the opposite end in a bulk tank to vacuum fresh fluids into the fluid tank at rates of 10-20 gallons per minute. The vacuum process is 100 percent self-contained within the straw to reduce the chance of any fluid spilling on the ground. Barrel straws also prevent the fluid’s exposure to outside contaminants in open pouring containers.

    • Attaches to each tank and can be left at the shop when not in use
    • Vacuum oil rates of 10-20 gallons per minute
    • No lifting of heavy buckets or jugs
    • Clean fluid transfer with less chance of spills
    • Less handling of new oil equals less chance of contamination

Dipstick Lube Kit


Dipstick tube kits can be used with all Sage Oil Vac equipment to vacuum oil from the top of the vehicle. A variety of tubes for different vehicles come within each kit (use is not recommended for large engines). Simply insert the tube down the dipstick holder of the engine and vacuum the oil directly from the engine — simple!

    • O-ring seals the top of the dipstick to prohibit contaminants from escaping into the oil bay
    • Brightly-colored handle makes the dipstick easy to locate under the hood

Drain Pans


Drain pans catch used oil during equipment oil changes. Users can then vacuum the used oil directly out of the drain pan through a used oil hose to reduce the risk of spillage in comparison to trying to carry used oil to a 5-gallon bucket for disposal.

    • Available in 10 or 17 gallons
    • Quickly connects to all Sage Oil Vac equipment

Filter Stingers


The filter stinger works as an ingenious attachment to your used oil hose to make the filter draining process cleaner than ever before. Once attached to the used oil hose, the stinger is used to puncture the oil filter and suction out the used fluid placing it directly in the used oil tank. After the filter is removed it can be placed into a Used Filter RecptacleTM to drain what little fluid is left before being discarded.

    • Attaches to the used oil hose
    • Punctures a hole in the oil filter
    • Vacuums used oil out of the filter and into the used tank

Grease Kits


Sage Oil Vac offers an assortment of grease additive kits for their products. Sage Oil Vac grease kits can be specified with 5, 30 or 55-gallon container pump kits. Hoses are available in a 50-foot or 100-foot lengths.

    • Pump
    • Follower plate
    • Grease hose reel (with a z-swivel)
    • Grease handle
    • All necessary attachments

Heated Fluid Tanks


Heated fluid tanks are great when the weather turns cold. Sage Oil Vac heated tanks allow operators to maintain the oil at the proper temperature during any oil change. Sage uses immersion heaters that utilize coolant fluid to heat the probes and thus transfer heat to the fluids. Customers have a number of options when it comes to choosing heated tanks within our systems.

For larger trucks and trailers and 400 gallons of fluid and more, Sage uses Webasto diesel-fired heaters to heat water and recirculate through the immersion heaters in the tanks. Additionally, for truck mounted units the coolant system of the truck can be used to tie into the immersion heaters for heating while truck is running.



Each Sage Oil Vac mobile lube equipment system comes with a meter instrument for increased accuracy. The meter works by allowing users to see how much oil has been placed into the equipment tank. These upgraded meters offer a preset function to allow you to set the amount needed to refill the tank. It will then show measurements of the fluid in quarts or liters.

    • Digital pistol grip with high flow tip (set to gallons or liters or quarts)
    • Preset digital pistol grip with high flow tip (set to gallons or liters or quarts)
    • Mechanical pistol grip meters
    • NextLube automation

Used Filter Receptacle


Forget contamination and spills when it’s time to change an equipment filter — the Used Filter Receptacle (UFR) provides a secure holding tank for used filters. The UFR connects to a used fluid tank so users can easily vacuum oil collected in the container providing a secure and leak-proof way to catch remaining fluid that may drain from the discarded filters. To better meet the needs of our customers’ unique install situations Sage offers several UFR configurations.

    • Wall-mounted UFRs
    • Top side pack mounted UFRs
    • Inside side pack cabinet mounted UFRs
    • Top open UFRs

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